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if you have Adware in your computer

Use the following instruction if you have Ad-ware in your computer, and many advertises popup on the screen.

2- Select SOFTWARE from the menu.
3- Scroll down and select ADWARE CLEANER.
4- Save the file “adwcleaner_3.214.exe
5- Run the file
6- Click on SCAN button.

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You must read this article if you have a Paypal account.

Be aware if you get an email from Paypal that you have problem with your account, maybe it is a phishing email.

The subject is

Your account has been Limited – 567-355-806

How you can find out that it is a fake email, or not.

Phishing Email
Phishing Email

1- They send an email look like Paypal email, but the main address is not a Paypal email. The email address is member@paypall.comĀ  with 2 “L”. (don’t email to this email)

look like Paypal,com
A page look like Paypal,com

2- Actually when you open a link on the email, the web address is not a Paypal domain, and the second part of the web address is active and is the main domain.
3- The address starts with “http” not “https”. “s” stand for “secure”.

4- They ask for log in to your account right now and …

One of the address is :…
on the address bar the second part of the address is active part, not

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