Creating SEO-Friendly Content

“Content marketing has become an important piece of a modern digital marketing plan. Marketing teams are producing more content than ever, all to attract more potential buyers to their web properties. In this new digital landscape, writers and content marketers are key players in the search optimization equation, but most don’t yet know the rules of the SEO road.”


New Web design for Reseda Auto Center and Collision Repair

Company: Reseda Auto Center and Collision Repair
Design Date: July 2014©
Social Networks: Google+, Facebook, Yelp
Pages: 2
Program Language: Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS, PHP
Designed for: Mobile, Tablet, PC (Flexible Design)

Reseda Auto Center and Collision Repair
Reseda Auto Center and Collision Repair

New Web design for American Water Restoration

New Web Design for American Water Restoration Company.

Company: American Water Restoration
Design Date: March 2014©
Social Networks: Google+, Yelp, Bing
Pages: 9
Program Language: Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, PHP

Americam Water Restoration
American Water Restoration Company.

if you have Adware in your computer

Use the following instruction if you have Ad-ware in your computer, and many advertises popup on the screen.

2- Select SOFTWARE from the menu.
3- Scroll down and select ADWARE CLEANER.
4- Save the file “adwcleaner_3.214.exe
5- Run the file
6- Click on SCAN button.

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You must read this article if you have a Paypal account.

Be aware if you get an email from Paypal that you have problem with your account, maybe it is a phishing email.

The subject is

Your account has been Limited – 567-355-806

How you can find out that it is a fake email, or not.

Phishing Email
Phishing Email

1- They send an email look like Paypal email, but the main address is not a Paypal email. The email address is  with 2 “L”. (don’t email to this email)

look like Paypal,com
A page look like Paypal,com

2- Actually when you open a link on the email, the web address is not a Paypal domain, and the second part of the web address is active and is the main domain.
3- The address starts with “http” not “https”. “s” stand for “secure”.

4- They ask for log in to your account right now and …

One of the address is :…
on the address bar the second part of the address is active part, not

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